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From Baltimmore based “Gypsy” brewer Stillwater Artisanal, the delightful Cellar Door Saison is a wheat beer brewed with a touch of white sage in order to craft a beer of unique quality. With a base of German wheat & pale malts and a blend of Sterling & Citra hop, this beer boasts aromas and flavours of herbs, grass, tangerine and citrus before the white sage offers a delicious touch of spice. A hint of banana and shite stone-fruit is detectable on the dry finish to complete a unique and complex take on the style. Superb.

  • 3 Point Summary

    Fruity, spicy and very easy to drink depsite the ABV

  • Did you know..?

    Stillwater is a Gypsy brewery – meaning they do not have their own brewery but rather craft beers using other brewer’s facilities.

  • Awards

    95/100 -

  • ABV


  • Food pairing

    Moules Mariniéres



  • Size

    33 cl

  • Closure


  • Hops & Malts

    HOPS: Sterling, Citra


    MALTS: Wheat, German Pale

  • Serve in

    Chalice or Tulip

  • Style

    INDIA PALE ALE (IPA) - At the height of its empire, Britain’s outposts demanded beer, but India itself was too warm for brewing. India Pale Ale was created in response, a beer that could survive the arduous journey to India. Since then, IPA has been used to describe a well-hopped, high-gravity beer. Over the decades that followed many versions were created and the style adopted by craft brewers everywhere. Today, the use of high quantities of American hops has become ever more popular, resulting in beers that offer distinct floral aromas on top of a hop explosion.

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  • Brewery

    STILLWATER - From Baltimore in the USA, Stillwater is the brewing brainchild of former DJ Brian Strumke, Stillwater has quickly become one of the craft beer world’s most renowned gypsy breweries. Bringing his recipes to life in various stateside breweries, Strumke’s passion for both beer and design has led to a variety of truly unique and acclaimed offerings.


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