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Recognised at on the of the very best beers in the world, Saison Dupont is a quintessential Belgian saison. Coppery-blond in colour with fine carbonation, it boasts intense aromas of citrus, spice, baked bread and floral hops. The zest of these hops carry through to the palate, where a strong bitterness of very well-balanced by the sweetness of the malts. There is then a long, dry finish to complete what is a lively and refreshing experience. 

  • 3 Point Summary

    Intense aromas, well-balanced flavours and a very refreshing finish.

  • Did you know..?

    Saison Dupont has been brewed at Brasserie Dupont's farm brewery since 1844.

  • Awards

     SILVER - Australian International Beer Awards 2012. 98/100 -

  • ABV


  • Food pairing

    Baked Camembert


    Moules Frites

  • Size

    33 cl

  • Closure


  • Hops & Malts




  • Serve in

    Tulip glass

  • Style

    SAISON - The definition of Saison differs from place to place and historically Saisons did not share enough identifiable characteristics to be a specific style. Rather, they were simply refreshing summer ales made by farmers. Brewed during the cool months, the beer was stored until  summer when the main consumers would be seasonal workers – known as “Saisonniers”. Modern Saisons are generally carbonated, fruity and sometimes enhanced by the addition of spices.

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  • Brewery

    BRASSERIE DUPONT is a former farm dating back to 1759 located in Tourpes, Belgium, eventually becoming a farm-brewery, specialising in the production of honey and saison beers in 1844. Handed down through the family, it embraced new beer styles such as Pils to remain relevant during the 1950s, the success down to Lupont Dupont’s nephew, Sylva Rosier. Today, the Brasserie Dupont is owned by his children and grandchildren and has achieved massive growth in the last 20 years. To cope, investment has been made in modern production equipment and the expansion of premises as Brasserie Dupont’s philosophy is to make optimal use of technology while maintaining the traditional production processes linked to the history of the brewery.


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