Premium Craft Beer & Cider

We aim to be the best retailer of craft beer & unique cider in Sussex. Our expertise and unique structure allow us to source the very best craft beers from a selection of the most revered local, national and international breweries.


Our commitment to award-winning products means we currently offer decorated and exclusive craft beers from breweries including Beavertown (UK), Omnipollo (SW), Siren (UK), To Ol (Den), Orval (Bel), Brasserie Dupont (Bel) and Estrella Galicia (Sp). We also stock unique ciders from the likes of Maeloc, Cidre Le Brun and Zeffer


And our support of local businesses means we can offer tours of working breweries as well as Tastings and Q&A sessions with some of the brightest brewing talent in Sussex.

Of our products have won an award or major commendation around the world
Based in Sussex, our range of premium craft beers has been hand-selected from some of the best producers, both nationally and across the globe.
Rare, exclusive and of superb quality, at least 90% of our range has won an award or commendation around the world so you will find nothing but exceptional craft beer in our collection.
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Seasonal Craft Beer & Cider

Use the filters on the left to search our selection of seasonal craft beer specials by price, by brewery, by region and by style.


View the product page to find out a 3-point-summary, detailed tasting notes, a list of its awards, food pairings and ideal drinking conditions as well as some useful product trivia. 

“I would give all my fame for a pot of ale & safety”


Shakespeare, ‘Henry V’

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Shop Location: Sacred Cellar, Loriner House, Broad Street, Cuckfield,  West Sussex, RH17 5LJ

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